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Shield Extraction System

The Shield Extrication System is a bundle that includes both our hard and soft patient protection.

Glass fragments and pieces of sharp metal and broken plastic can quickly fly across a vehicle during a vehicle extraction, risking further injury to the patients inside. Rescuers can inadvertently slip with reciprocating saws, haligans or other tools while working near the patient.

Provide patients with the hard and soft protection that is recommended in the Michigan Firefighter’s Training Council’s “Basic Vehicle Extraction” and “Advanced Vehicle Stabilization” training programs.

Our hard patient protection is constructed of Lexan MR10 with machined aluminum handles to facilitate placement. Resists abrasion and is transparent for patient monitoring. Our hard protection meets the UL-972 standard for impact resistance. Can be easily cleaned with warm water and a mild detergent.

Our soft patient protection is constructed of 20 mil clear fire-retardant PVC vinyl which allows for total transparency to facilitate patient monitoring. Our soft protection is UL-214 classified flame retardant and meets NFPA-701 standards for flame propagation. It is completely waterproof and has a high abrasion resistance. Our soft protection also resists mildew, oils and many chemicals, and can be cleaned with warm water and a mild cleaning solution.

Additional information
Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 13 × 14 cm
4' x 5' Soft Protection (Single Patient)
5' x 7' Soft Protection (Multiple Patients)

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Single, Double

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